We believe in the power of art:


to transform lives

to change whole cultures

to bring about a new world

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Hummingbirds are said to be messengers ...


We are messengers.

We empower people by telling more empowering stories about them.

We give passion to life by living it as a work of art, every day.

We inspire those around us by living life fully switched-on.

We practice what we teach.


At the heart of every culture, there is a story...  


And this story doesn't change very often. But, when it does, it's because brave people, unafraid of being called weird or inappropriate or foolish, have stepped forward onto the world stage and dared to create something new. Maybe it was a new work of art or a new ballet or symphony, maybe it was a new poetic flow or musical vibe or a new theatrical work, but most of all, it was a new way of being.


New people create the new stories.


At Living Art, we believe our first mission is to be the art that we'd want to create; to live it into being.

We believe that our world changes as we change.

We believe that when we live the change, we Live our Art.

We create ourselves every day. And, to do this with purpose is to Live your Art.

We know that we cannot fully live our art and change the stories we tell in our culture without sharing what we discover with others.

So we teach.

We have an 'unschool' that teaches 'Living as Art' as a way of life -The Uhuru Institute.  TUI is a part of the learning evolution happening right here on the planet (more here). 

We teach children and young adults how to live as the creators of their magnum opus: themselves.



At Living Art, our work is simple... Envision the best possible and then:


Inspire. Educate. Perform. Transform.

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